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  • Position name:Cell culture technique
    End time:2018-01-18
    Number of applicants:10人
    Salary treatment:Negotiable

Detailed description:

The nature of the work: full-time work location: Taizhou requirements: college degree gender: no limit salary: Negotiable

Job responsibilities: 1 mammalian cell culture passage and cryopreservation and other related work 2 antibody and purified recombinant protein 3 related work to complete other work assigned by the Department requirements: biological science biotechnology and other related professional, college degree or above with aseptic operation experience, with professional basic genetic engineering cell biology immunology 1 is 1 years relevant working experience in cell culture 2 familiar with the commonly used purification method and its principle, familiar with HPLCAKATA and other related equipment is preferred by 3 university English 46 class examination is preferred.

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+86-400-828-8830 +86-181-1292-4986