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Bispecific and Trispecific Antibody Service

Bispecific antibody is bioengineered antibody that contains two different binding sites within a single molecule, which can specifically bind two different types of antigen. 


By specifically binding to tumor antigens and simultaneously binding to different effector cells and molecules, it can bridge between target cells and functional molecules to directly destroy tumor cells.  

Bispecific antibody exerts a great many advantages in application by virtue of its bispecificity and many types of bispecific antibodies have been designed to overcome short half-life, immunogenicity and side-effects caused by cytokine liberation, while the most widely used application is in cancer immunotherapy, which creates a therapeutic treatment approach for diseases with specific medical needs. 

Based on solid expertise in recombinant antibody production techniques, Biointron has extensive experience in providing customized bispecific antibody services. Specifically, we are able to provide construction (expression & purification) as well as recombinant antibody production at scales ranging from hundreds of micrograms to grams level.


+86-400-828-8830 +86-181-1292-4986