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Hybridoma antibody sequencing services

Obtaining hybridoma cell monoclonal antibody gene sequence by hybridoma cell antibody sequencing is one of the premises for recombinant expression of Engineering antibody. Biointron Biological Inc. provides accurate and rapid sequencing services to obtain consistent sequence information. We were able to detect antibody sequences of multiple species accurately and expertly. In addition to helping you quickly obtain the gene sequence of the antibody, we can also use the mature codon optimization and gene synthesis strategy for the engineering expression and purification of the antibody.


Hybridoma cell antibody sequencing service process:


Hybridoma cell antibody sequencing services advantage:

Fast, 1 weeks to complete;

 No fixed strain;

 Using proprietary 5 'RACE technique, all sequence information of the monoclonal antibody gene was obtained;

Customized primers set, using proprietary proprietary reagents, to ensure high success rate and fast delivery speed;

Complete bioinformatics analysis removes redundant sequence information and tracks batch consistency in R & D and production planning.

Shorten the time consuming process of hybridoma cell cloning and accelerate the production rate of monoclonal antibody


+86-400-828-8830 +86-523-86215001