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Hybridoma Antibody Sequencing Service

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Hybridoma sequencing is the sequencing of the cDNA encoding the variable heavy (VH) and variable light (VL) domains of your hybridoma cell line.

The acquisition of hybridoma monoclonal antibody gene sequence by hybridoma antibody sequencing is one of the prerequisites for recombinant expression of engineered antibodies. Biointron provides accurate and rapid sequencing services to obtain highly consistent sequence information. We are able to accurately and skillfully detect antibody sequences of multiple species. 

In addition to helping you quickly obtain the gene sequence of the antibody, we can also realize engineered expression and purification of the antibody with a mature codon optimization and gene synthesis strategy.

Only 4 working days

* The whole hybridoma antibody sequencing service

Service Process

Antibody heavy and light chain sequences 
                 Vectors containing heavy and light chain, respectively

   Key Features



No fixed strain


Proprietary 5 'RACE technology

Ensure obtain all sequence information of monoclonal antibody gene.

High success rate and fast delivery

With customized primer sets and proprietary Biotron's reagents.

Complete bioinformatics analysis

Remove redundant sequence information and track to ensure batch consistency in R & D and production plans.

Reduced time cost

Shorten the time-consuming process of hybridoma cloning and accelerate the production rate of monoclonal antibodies.


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