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Nano Antibody Customized Service

Nanobody refers to the monodomain antibody structure of camel llama (without light chain and CH1 region). The VH regions of two or more antibody molecules are connected to achieve multi-specific binding, and the simplified structure still retains the VH region.

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The major advantages of such products are their small molecule, high stability, low immunogenicity, ease of humanization and attachment, and availability for administration by multiple routes. In addition, functional regions that bind to human albumin can be added to molecular design, extending the half-life to 2 – 3 weeks and transporting the drug to the target site through albumin. These characteristics make VHH have rich application value in basic research, diagnosis and treatment. 

In contrast to conventional antibodies, Nanobodies also has high stability to function and exist within demanding conditions, such as abnormal temperature or pH.  

Biointron has extensive experience in producing high-throughput single-domain antibodies. Rich VHH and HcAb customization experience enables us to supply customers with a full range of services based on HcAb  nano antibody development and production. Meanwhile, we also provide a one-stop screening platform for antibody drugs as well as antibody engineering services containing nano antibody humanization and affinity maturation.

Service Features 


Small molecular weight with only 12-15kDa


High water solubility, heat resistance and stability


High antigen binding capacity


Low immunogenicity


Strong penetrating power

      High efficiency in prokaryotic cells expression


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