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Stable Cell Line Development Service

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Transgenic cell line is suitable for various research applications, such as the production of recombinant antibodies, gene editing, functional studies, detection and analysis, etc. Transgenic cell line service serves to improve the productivity of the stable cell line and efficiency of the experiment. Our one-stop solution integrates all the tedious experimental steps, which means you just need to offer the target sequence and we will finally deliver stable clones of high quality.

Synthesize Genes into Cell Pools in 4 Weeks 

* High-quality DNA ensures high-quality cell lines 

Service Features



Stable transfection

Customers may choose to construct stable cell lines from GS or DHFR gene expression systems and transfer the DNA containing the fragment of interest into the indicated cells.


Transient expression assessment

To ensure that your protein of interest is expressed in the cells, we will perform expression identification by ELISA or Western methods in 48 hours after transfection.

Construction of stable cell line

Transfected cells are cultured in suitable selective medium to generate a stable cell pool. Using the DHFR expression system, we will select the first 10 clones and perform 10 passages to assess the yield and quality of the cell pool. We also can subject the stable cell pool to additional Methotrexate (MTX) amplification and screening, for the purpose of increasing expression levels (packages using a Glutamine Synthetase expression system do not require gene amplification).

Clone selection

Based on the growth rate, top 3 clones from each library are selected for subsequent evaluation.

Final delivery, QC data and lab report

Although we accept customer-provided genes, we do recommend the use of our proprietary codon-optimization service, followed by gene synthesis and cloning into Biointron’s unique expression vector. We provide sequence and vector reports (Biointron synthetic genes), stable clones, and detailed stable cells.

Cell Line Stability Screening

Stability testing is a critical component of characterizing biological production cell lines. With an increasing passage number, genetic instability occurs in the continuously cultured stable cell lines. Stability test will help you guarantee the quality of the production cells during the intended passages.


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