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Biointron Biological Inc was founded in 2012, located in China Medical City. As the leading custom service provider and biological reagents manufacturer, we have solid experience in high-throughput antibody production, from gene synthesis to purified antibody delivery, which only requires 2 weeks. In 2019, we have served 200+ customers in biopharmaceutical field, specifically; over 10,000 recombinant antibodies have been delivered to diverse customers. 

We also develop and provide a variety of products including high throughput recombinant antibody production, bulk in vivo recombinant antibody, mouse hybridoma generation, hybridoma sequencing, phage display for llama monoclonal antibody generation, antibody humanization & affinity maturation, recombinant proteins and avitag-biotinylated proteins, etc. 

Through innovative technology and customizd service, we are aimed to accelerate your antibody discovery and promote easy access to antibody discovery field.

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+86-400-828-8830 +86-181-1292-4986