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Biointron Biological Inc. was founded in China Medical City, in March 2012. Biointron is the leading custom service provider and biological reagents manufacturer, specialized in antibody discovery field. We provide high throughput recombinant antibody production, bulk in vivo recombinant antibody, mouse hybridoma generation, hybridoma sequencing, phage display for llama monoclonal antibody generation, antibody humanization & affinity maturation, recombinant proteins and Avitag-biotinylated proteins, etc.

High-throughput antibody production is our most distinctive service , from gene synthesis to purified antibody delivery, we only need 2 weeks. In the past 2018, we have delivered over 6,000 recombinant antibodies and served 200+ customers in biopharmaceutical field.

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+86-400-828-8830 +86-523-86215001